What is the Best Type of Carpet for Stairs


Think of this scenario: you just moved to your new home and you are so excited naturally. As you double-check the house, your eyes fall on the stairs. It’s nice and looks sturdy, however, you believe it needs new carpeting. Now, your next job is on how to find the right carpet for your stairs?


What qualities of carpet should you consider?

When searching for a carpet for your new house, you need to consider two things. Safety and Durability are the crucial things to consider. Of course, you would want your carpet to be of high quality so that it would last longer. Your stairs are one of the areas in your home that will endure high traffic volumes. And using a carpet with low quality will cause it to wear out easily; thus, it requires frequent replacement which can be costly.


What is the best carpet for different types of stairs?

While the quality of the carpet is crucial when shopping for one, it is also important to consider the type of stairs that you have. Different stairs have different carpeting needs. Below are the different stair types and the carpet that suits it best.


Curved stairs

The curved staircase is a classic type of stair and speaks of quality. For this, you might like to make it your focal point by installing a plush carpet or a tailored design.


Straight stairs

Straight stairs are the most common type of stairs found in many homes throughout the UK. A carpet runner will be great on this type of stair. However, if you like your stairs to be fully covered, you may need to choose a carpet that will be folded in one direction.


Spiral stairs

Installing carpet on your spiral staircase may be a bit challenging compared to straight stairs. A spiral staircase is a popular design from the medieval period and has been widely used in many apartments since it saves space. Since it is mostly composed of open-backed stairs, you have to cut the carpet pads according to the measurement of each step and then attach them to it.


Stairs with multiple landings

What makes carpeting on this type of stairs is its landings. On this type of stair, you have to measure the rise, the tread and the landing separately. Like the spiral staircase, you have to cut the individual carpet pads and attach them to the stairs.


Finding the best carpet depends on the type of stairs that you have, the design that you want to meet, and your budget. Considering the factors above will help you decide which carpet suits you and your family best. For more questions on carpeting for your stairs or your home in general, contact us at Custom Home Flooring.


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