Steps to Planning a new bedroom


Design the bedroom of your dreams

Planning your new perfect bedroom gives you the chance to create a nice tranquil haven in a busy home. It's a place where you can relax and escape from the day. Where you can reflect on the day, listen to music - and, of course, sink into a deep and peaceful sleep.

There are a lot of things to consider when planning a bedroom. How much storage space do you need? How big is the room? Which colour scheme will you go for?


Consider your space

Knowing how much space you’ve got to work with will be the best starting point. It’s vital to understand the size of your room so that you can determine which size bed you’ll have and what furniture you can place in it. You also need to leave enough floor space for moving around.


What will it cost?

Decide what elements you believe are crucial in your new bedroom – and how much they will set you back. Work out a budget, then you can start looking for accessories, furniture, wallpaper and paint to complete the job.


How do you use your room?

It’s time to consider the way you will use your bedroom. Do you want somewhere where you can store a lot of items and clothing? Will the room double up as a gym or workspace, or is it solely a place to come and relax? Is it for one occupant or two? How many hours of the day will you spend there?


Refresh or refit?

If you want to freshen up your space without making any permanent changes, we’ve got a range of products that will make a huge difference. Including modular storage, freestanding furniture, and stylish bedside tables and drawers.


Choose your furniture

If your space is tight – use light colours. Try to avoid overloading your room with furniture and accessories, it will look cluttered and make your room appear smaller – minimalism is the way forward.


What about bedroom storage?

Do you want your favourite things on display? Or would you rather tuck everything away using clever storage solutions? Is your style shabby chic, or smooth and sleek?

Think about whether you’ll want a freestanding wardrobe, a built-in wardrobe or just a simple rail. Maybe you will opt for more shelves, or perhaps you’d prefer to have a large chest of drawers to keep your stuff in.


Complete the job

You’ve decided where your furniture will go and how the room will work as a whole. Now it’s time to choose your bedroom wallpaper and paint colour, and to shop for stylish accessories and embellishments to complete the look of your boudoir.


So, the perfect bedroom needs the perfect carpet! Call the team at Blackberry Hill on 01858 288 031 or email