Sixty-one per cent of Brits have a ‘Beige Scale’ Carpet

Beige Scale Carpet

Last year might have been a bit grey, but according to the latest carpet colour scale of Great Britain, this year is all about being beige.

A new map reveals nearly two-thirds of British homes have “beige scale” carpet. Up in the North West and Scotland, grey is the most dominant colour in terms of Brits ideal carpet choice.

Recent research has found that asked two thousand people about their carpet preferences; what they have in their homes and what colours they secretly love. And it would appear, while many homes currently adorn grey floors, it’s earthy, beige carpets that are fast becoming the most desirable.

The Midlands to the South East has an array of ‘British Tans’, ‘French whites’ and ‘Mahogany’.

Recent research found that 1 in 10 people have been inspired by TV shows to add colour into their home décor, with nearly twenty per cent confessing to a love of ‘Peacock’ blue and ‘Guardsman’ red.

And just under a third claimed to have once again reclaimed a love of patterned, textured or striped carpets – with popularity surprisingly surging in the under thirty-year-old.

British people may believe beige carpets are this year’s must-have interiors trend, but more than a quarter are also opting for a wooden look or smooth floors in their homes to provide a functional, multi-use space.

As many of us remain housebound, a quarter claim to have more disposable income to spend on home interiors than ever before.

As more people struggle with working from home, home-schooling or a combination of both 1 in 10 said they worried about colleagues seeing their “ugly home interiors”, and have even decorated a smart backdrop to make their home look more impressive.

Today forty-two per cent claim flooring determines the look and feel of people’s home décor choices meaning flooring have become one of the most important decisions you can make when creating an interiors scheme.

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