Kitchen island ideas


You want your kitchen island to look the part too. Do you want it to stand out as a chic statement, or seamlessly blend into your kitchen design? From modern quartz counters to a rustic countertops, there are so many kitchen island décor ideas to choose from. Keep on reading and we’ll help you choose the perfect kitchen island design for your needs…

Choose similar shades for a cohesive look

Go for the cohesive look in your kitchen with an island that fits in seamlessly to your kitchen. Choose a worktop in a similar shade to your kitchen cabinetry and fixtures. Our Stevia fitted kitchen in a soft, neutral sandstone shade looks ultra stylish and modern. Everything fits together seamlessly; the black kitchen tap on the island effortlessly complements the black kitchen handles. Creating the perfect balance of contrast.

Pair a white kitchen island with a deep blue statement wall

For an eye-catching design, create a contrasted look with a white island and a daring dark blue statement wall. This white island serves as a focal point, drawing your attention with its clean lines and bright surface. While the dark blue statement wall creates a sense of depth and intimacy. This confident combo makes the kitchen look ultra-contemporary, yet with a cosy and inviting ambience.

Go for the ‘black and white look’

Embrace the timeless elegance of a black and white kitchen island, accentuated by dark cabinetry and a sleek white surface. The white stone effect worktop provides a light and inviting workspace and acts as a canvas for showcasing culinary creations. Whether your kitchen design leans towards a contemporary or more traditional style, a white and black kitchen island will certainly make a standout feature in your kitchen.

Get the luxury look by using marble

Looking to elevate your kitchen décor? Consider using a timeless and luxurious worktop material such as marble. This marble island acts as the centrepiece of the kitchen, commanding attention from everyone in the room with its natural veining and glossy surface. Pair a white marble worktop with contrasting cabinetry in a deep colour, such as navy blue, or our dark green Artemisia kitchen for a truly sophisticated look.

Make a home office in your kitchen for all the Teams calls

If you’re often working or studying from home, consider utilising your kitchen island and creating a home office for a change of scenery. You’ll have a fresh environment to work in – plus you’ll be surrounded by lots of delicious aromas. This kitchen island has been transformed into a makeshift home office. Use bright, happy colours to bring your kitchen to life and make it a more inspiring space to cook and work in. This cheerful yellow feature wall will brighten your mood and spark creativity!

Embrace the charm of a natural wooden worktop

In the world of kitchen design, few materials can rival the appeal and natural warmth of wood. There’s something undeniably soothing about a wooden kitchen. The natural oak finish of our Verbena cabinets and wooden kitchen island creates a real homely feel. By embracing the charm of a natural wood island, you’ll create a cosy and calming atmosphere where friends and family can gather, share food, and create wonderful memories.

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