How to take proper care of carpets at home


Pro carpet cleaning is an annual affair and since it is quite pricey it is better not to increase its frequency. However, it all depends on how well you look after your flooring coverings because poorly kept carpets would require professionals more regularly. Most of the soil, over eighty per cent that affects carpets are dry and the remaining twenty per cent are greases, oils and starches, there is a good opportunity of keeping carpets clean by regular vacuuming so that you can stick to once-a-year professional cleaning and extend the whole life of your carpets.

Here at Blackberry Hill Carpets and Flooring, we offer some tips that should ensure proper care of carpets throughout the year.



The more frequently you hoover carpets easier it is to maintain their cleanliness because it removes the dry dirt and grime collected on the carpet surface regularly thereby preventing it to penetrate deep into the carpet fabric. Regular hoovering is the number one option but if it is not possible then you should try to do it at least two to three times a week so that there are no chances of carpets becoming too dirty. Carpets in high traffic areas need vacuuming across the carpet in all directions while moving the equipment slowly ensures effective extraction of soil. Use hardwood vacuum cleaners that work much better than specialized carpet vacuum cleaners.


Take off your shoes!

The best way to reduce dirt and soil load on carpets is to move inside the house without wearing shoes. Going shoeless on carpets is a sure way to keep carpets clean on their own as it almost eliminates the chances of soil reaching the carpets from outside. Use slippers inside the house and ask guests to follow the same so that the indoor environment is always clean and eliminates the chances of carpets getting too much dirty, too soon.



Spot stains early

Keep a close eye on your carpets to detect stains early because spills are unavoidable but the sooner you can act to remove the stain better it is. Most stains are easy to clean by using tap water and blotting paper along with a towel. For stains that do not go away with water, you must use some specific solvent that removes the stain completely.

Avoid using optical whiteners for carpets as these are harmful to the carpet fibres.



Check soil proliferation with mats

Most of the soil reaches carpets from the outdoors as these stick to the shoes and pass on to the carpets when we walk on them with our shoes on. To prevent the problem, use rugs and walk-off mats placed strategically near the entrances. Place entrance mats outside the main door and ask everyone entering the home to rub their shoes on the doormat before stepping inside. The next protection comes from the area rugs or walk-off mats but you must ensure that everyone coming from outside makes proper use of the utilities so that any residual soil that might stick to the shoes go away. When vacuuming carpets, you must vacuum all mats and rugs too so that it cleans the shoes properly.


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