How to hang wallpaper


Wallpaper can transform a room in a matter of moments. So, you’ve picked your pattern, now it’s time to get it on the walls. Need some help? We’ve got you. Carry on reading for a step-by-step guide on how to put up wallpaper in your house.

Step 1
The walls must be clean and dry.
If you’re wallpapering on plaster apply a universal primer the day before so the wall can get a good grip on the wallpaper.
If your walls are covered with gloss/silk paint, sand them down and then apply a universal primer.
If instead they’re covered with matt paint, wash them with a cleaning product that contains baking soda and let the walls dry for 24 hours before wallpapering.

Step 2
Now’s the time to prepare your paste (adhesive) if it isn’t ready mixed. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 3
With a pasting brush or a roller, start applying the wallpaper paste on the wall in a thin, even layer, from the vertical line you’ve just traced onwards, starting at the top and working your way down across the width of a roll. Use a stepladder to reach the ceiling.

Step 4
Carefully position the wallpaper against the wall and double-check the strip’s alignment against the vertical mark. Once you’re happy this is straight, use a wallpaper smoother to smooth it from the centre to the edges to smooth out any air bubbles and wrinkles.

“Paste the wall” wallpaper is easy to reposition: If the strip is not positioned as you want it, slowly take it off and reposition it.

Step 5
Trim any excess paper on the top and bottom with a snap-off knife and a ruler, flatten out the seams with a seam roller and then repeat for the rest of the wall, making sure the seams line up each time.

Step 6
To wallpaper around any switches or sockets, cover these with the wallpaper strip and use the snap-off knife to cut around them.

Step 7
To wallpaper around doors and windows, cover the openings with the wallpaper strip, mark the angle with your finger and use the scissors to cut the excess paper. Be mindful of leaving some extra centimetres on the window or door case. Cut the wallpaper at a 45 ° angle at the mark left by your finger.

Smooth it out with the wallpaper smoother and cut the excess paper with the snap-off knife.

Step 8
Ideally, you’d remove the radiators before wallpapering, but if this isn’t an option, you can still wallpaper behind them. Measure the dimension from the ceiling or window edge to the radiator fixings, adding 2 to 3 cm for the cuts around window casings/ceiling. If the wallpaper has patterns, add the length needed to align them to the adjacent strip.

Step 9
Get some scissors or a ruler and a snap-off knife, cut the necessary wallpaper length and hang it on the wall. Smooth it out around the fixings of the radiator.

Step 10
To wallpaper around pipes, apply the paste to the wall, then measure and cut the piece of wallpaper you will need.
Place the wallpaper behind the pipe, and smooth it out.
Your paste-the-wall wallpaper is now perfectly applied, and you can now enjoy it for all to see.


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