How to clean grout in tiles


Whilst cleaning your grout might not seem like the nicest job in the World, don’t skip it! As grout is a very porous substance, if you don’t care for it, it can get mouldy and also attract mildew, which can build up and stain if not dealt with properly. So, this is to guide you on how you can clean grout in tiles.

If you've already got one of the best steam cleaners, then you're in luck because these devices work wonders on grout. The hot temperature of the steam will remove the dirt and grime out of your grout lines, leaving everywhere fresh and clean.

No chemicals
Sometimes, learning how to clean grout in tiles can be as easy as giving it a good scrub. You can buy special scrubbing brushes, such as the Sonic Scrubber Cleaning Tool, £18.99 at Lakeland. The interchangeable heads will fit between the tiles easily and oscillate 10,000 times a minute. With a tool like this, you might find a little warm water is all you need to get your grout looking as good as new.

Whitening toothpaste
The clue's in the name; whitening toothpaste can help whiten your grout as well as your teeth. That's because it contains bicarbonate of soda, which is a powerful ingredient that can lift stains.

White vinegar
White vinegar is well-known for being one of the most versatile and effective natural cleaners available. It’s naturally acidic, meaning that it can prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

Cleaning with vinegar is a tried and tested method for many areas in the home, especially when it comes to mould. Aside from being an effective method for removing mould and mildew from outdoor cushions, it can be used to get your grout white again.

Lemon juice
The natural acidity in lemons makes them a great cleaning agent, and it will work especially well if your grout is suffering from discolouration or stains. You might already have a lemon knocking around your fridge, but if not, they're nice and cheap at the supermarket.

Bleach is best when it comes to removing that top layer of stubborn mould and grime from grout.
There are two ways to use bleach when learning how to clean grout in tiles. You can use it neat, pouring a small amount into a cup and dipping an old toothbrush into it before scrubbing. Alternatively, you can follow the steps below, which is our preferred method.


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