How to choose the right dining room rug


The right dining room rug can draw people together and create the perfect ambience. Learn how to find 'the one with these tips:-


Think about the space

Dining rooms aren’t just for eating: they can also be spaces to work or unwind. Make sure you’re clear about how you use your space before choosing a dining room rug. In open-plan living, rugs are the most wonderful and simple way to zone larger spaces and create inviting areas to dine, lounge, or play. A big area rug can accentuate different areas and create zones or ‘rooms in the room’, working as a solid frame to anchor a large group of furniture.


Get your proportions right!

Proportions are essential when choosing a rug for any room. You need to be careful with proportions to get the rug mathematics right. You do not want an area rug that is too small, as it might look like a little postal stamp compared to a large dining table and chairs. However, you do not want to create the feeling that your rug completely eats the room.


Get the energy of the room right with a rug

Think about the current vibe of your space — is there a lot of colour on the dining room walls, or is it rather one-note? Depending on your interior style, your dining room rug can either ground and simplify, or liven up your room, choose a simple, elegant shade like sage green to tone down a busier room. Meanwhile, a bolder stripe can be the personality in a mostly tonal space.


Get the tone right!

Maybe you haven’t started furnishing your space yet, or are giving it a complete makeover. If this is the case, an area rug can inspire the rest of your dining room colour scheme. Due to its scale and prominence, a rug is a powerful statement. Often, it provides the background (in terms of colour or pattern) to which a room's elements such as furniture and paint choices are matched. The rug tends to set the tone around which a room is built. It’s an opportunity to curate the narrative of your dining room and choose colours and patterns that reflect the ambience you wish to create. Whether you want to create a cosy nook or a formal luxury dining room, a rug will set the tone for your dinner party.


Repetitive patterns are a good idea

It may sound obvious, but it can be easy to forget that, unlike dining room wallpaper, only a limited portion of your dining room rug will be on show. As much of the rug will be covered by the table and chairs, we tend to recommend solid colours, or else repetitive patterns, such as stripes or repeated dots for a dining room rug.


Go for something that makes you happy!

Whether you have a small dining room or a big space, there are many practical considerations to keep in mind when choosing a rug. The most important thing is to invest in one that brings you joy.

We have a bamboo silk rug under our dining room table. They are said to be very delicate. The more use they get, the more they lose their softness, and they’re supposedly destroyed by water. But we happen to like the way the yarn looks more like crushed velvet as it becomes more lived-in, and the sheen helps to disguise stains. A rug should make you happy. Or why bother?


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