Grey bedroom carpet ideas


Whether you want to completely transform your bedroom's aesthetic or simply switch up the flooring to match your carefully chosen decor and furniture, a grey carpet can drastically improve the look of your space. Once you're happy with the results, why not expand the grey theme into grey carpet living room ideas?

Choose a chunky wool carpet for extra cosiness
A grey wool carpet is a wonderfully soft and luxurious option for the bedroom, and a sure way to make the space as cosy as possible.

Wool is an excellent heat insulator which means it will help to keep your bedroom warm and cosy without using surplus. It is also very effective at absorbing noise which will allow you to keep your bedroom peaceful and quiet away from the rest of the house.

A pastel grey carpet will create a serene setting
Why not opt for lighter shades of grey to create a calming atmosphere in the bedroom via the carpet.

A pale grey carpet will naturally complement any other pastel tones you want to bring in via furnishings and accessories. Plus, a lighter carpet will be safe in the bedroom, where it's less likely to pick up dirt from shoes.

Use house plants to embrace the natural feel of grey
Plants are a great way to style a grey bedroom carpet. They bring a fresh touch of green and look great with earthy-toned accessories such as terracotta vases and pots. Incorporate enough to draw the eye but not enough to overpower an otherwise calming space.

Treat your feet to a textured carpet
Choose a grey carpet that has a subtle ribbed or stripey effect, and this will work well at capturing any natural light in the room. Any carpets with a slightly raised effect will add a soft luxurious touch to the bedroom.

Add a showpiece rug with contrasting trim
A large rug can sit perfectly on top of a soft grey carpet to create a naturally eye-catching contrast.

Choose one with a warm shade of grey and place it centrally to create a simple but elegant focal point in a bedroom. If you are choosing a rug in a pale tone of grey, you can add a contrasting darker trim to truly zone an area while elevating the tones and textures of the wool.

Choose a patterned carpet for a stylish twist
Patterned carpet ideas look great in rooms with simple decor and minimal furniture, so choose one if you currently have a lot of free floor space in your bedroom. Bolder prints can look fabulous, but softer patterns are ideal for maintaining the bedroom's calm aesthetic.

Layer your carpet with a brightly coloured rug
One of the best things about a grey carpet is its ability to pair so well with other colours and textures. A fluffy rug is a great accompaniment to a grey floor because it will add an element of visual interest, as well as more texture for cosiness.

A great way to add a focal point in the bedroom is to opt for a fitted carpet in a neutral grey and then layer a brightly coloured rug on top. These rugs can also be easily moved around to create a fresh look as and when it’s time for a room refresh. Match your chosen colour of rug to other pieces of decor to create a nice accented theme in the room.


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