Flooring ideas that are trending right now


Our favourite flooring trends

Similar to choosing the ultimate shade of neutral paint for your room, a great deal of thought can go into selecting the perfect flooring for your room. Pine or Oak? Hardwood or Laminate? There are so many styles available, and the choice you make can make or break the look and feel of your room. Whatever room you’re refreshing, it’s time to style your floors with some of our favourites.

1. Speedy flooring makeovers with adhesive tiles

One of the quickest ways to upgrade your floors? Self-adhesive tiles. Ideal for smaller spaces, like a cloakroom, utility room or porch, these easy-to-use tiles can create a feature in moments. They have a peelable backing and are simply stuck to the floor.

We love premium quality vinyl coverings for all types of household surfaces. Think speckled terrazzo and mosaic motifs without the expensive price tag. Those oriental-inspired tiles you’ve been dreaming of suddenly seem within reach, right? Renters will love them too, as they can be removed easily and laid directly over old vinyl flooring (check the manufacturer’s recommendations for further details).

2. Luxury vinyl click flooring

Hold the adhesive and endless tools. Luxury vinyl click floor tiles are a first-class choice for those new to home improvement (or anyone who finds the thought of laying flooring slightly daunting). The glue-less format means these tiles are fast and easy to install – and, of course, there’s zero setting time.

These flooring tiles, like most luxury vinyl click options, are soft and silent, so have an impressive acoustic performance. Plus, you’ll be thankful for their heat-insulating properties when those chilly winter mornings arrive.

3. Patterned parquet flooring ideas

Timeless and smart, parquet are a forever favourite. Nowadays, there are so many materials that replicate the original hardwood flooring. Patterns including basket weave, chevron and popular herringbone add real depth and character to interiors.

Luxury vinyl click flooring is a time-saver when it comes to getting a parquet-inspired floor. This type of design can be laid plank by plank while giving the same authentic look as the real thing. Laminate planks are another affordable choice that recreates the charm of iconic solid wood designs. For smaller areas like hallways, self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles are perfect for adding interest. If a replica isn’t on the cards, opt for tongue-and-groove individual planks that’ll age beautifully over time.

4. Wood flooring ideas

Wooden floors can provide a touch of colour amidst a neutral interior, or inject a pattern to completely transform a room. Engineered wood looks very similar to solid wood flooring, but its construction features a thin layer of hardwood bonded over a premium-quality plywood layer. Choose from various oak tones to suit your colour scheme and style of the house.

Similar to hardwood, bamboo is a beautiful natural material for flooring. It’s every bit as resistant as most hardwoods and gains character over time too. Environmentally conscious? Bamboo is a wholly renewable resource. Unlike trees which can take decades to mature, bamboo stalks grow so fast that they can be repeatedly harvested every five or six years – the living shoots continue to grow and replenish themselves.

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