Christmas string light ideas for a dazzling display


Don’t be left in the dark this Xmas – shine a light on the best way to illuminate the inside and outside of your home this Christmas season.

String lights

These classic Xmas string lights, also more commonly known as fairy lights, are the traditional choice for lighting up your Christmas tree. They have become increasingly popular to use around the home for further decoration. There are different shapes, colours and bulb effects available.


Shape of string Christmas lights

Straight-line string Christmas lights

The original and most popular choice. Easy to use, simply drape or attach them where you want some added seasonal sparkle. Look out for battery-operated timer lights that can be programmed to come on at the same time every day. Set up once, these automated lights are a great hassle-free option.

Why not add some extra fun to Christmas this year by opting for shaped string lights, such as ball-shaped or starburst lights.


Net Christmas lights

Net lights feature a grid of LED bulbs, most usually in a square or rectangular shape. They're often used outdoors for maximum impact and they look especially effective draped over fences, the roofs of porches or inside window frames. They also look great draped over hedges and trees.


Curtain Christmas lights

Replicating the look of window curtains, curtain lights are designed with lines of string lights hanging loosely from a horizontal cable. They look great in windows or in entranceways.


Icicle Christmas lights

Echoing the frosty chill of winter icicles, these lights use a straight-line framework but with hanging lights of different lengths. Icicle lights look fantastic hung from eaves and windows – though remember to stay safe if attempting to hang in such spots. Alternatively, use indoors in windows, like curtain lights.

Bulbs of string Christmas lights

All of our Christmas string lights are fitted with LED bulbs, so they’re energy-saving and cost-efficient to run. They're also brighter, longer lasting and safer than old-style bulbs, as they don't heat up.



A hit with kids - silhouettes have become the family choice for fun, festive lighting. As the name suggests, they use light effects to create seasonal shapes and profiles. Due to their simple form, they are easy to distinguish from a distance and so are commonly used outdoors and in windows as a warm greeting to welcome friends and family to your home.


They’re easy to set up, many simply are erected (if freestanding) or hung (if wall or window-mounted), and are available as main or battery-powered.

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