Children’s bedroom theme ideas


When it comes to your children’s dreams and ideas, anything is possible. Their bedroom could be an undiscovered galaxy, an enchanted forest, an in outer space, or a deep-sea theme. Do you need some help deciding how to decorate it? Lucky for you, we’ve got plenty of children’s bedroom ideas. Create a room for them to hop, play, shout – and eventually drift off to a (hopefully long and uninterrupted) sleep.

Woodland theme
We all know that children love the outdoors – they can run around, climb trees and play hide and seek. Why not bring the forest to them with a magical woodland-styled bedroom? We have lots of shades of green carpets to get the desired effect.

Under the Sea theme
This under-the-sea-themed bedroom is perfect for any little sea lover. From cute dolphin wallpaper and matching bedding to aquatic art prints and pops of blue – we have lots of great carpet designs and colours to achieve this and give them the fun marine sea dream.

Space theme
This space-themed room is perfect for a budding little astronaut. With astral print wallpaper and cosmic art prints – create a children’s bedroom that is out of this world! We’ve got a great range of carpets with these colours ways in mind to let your little one jet off into space.

Pretty and pink theme
Design a pink paradise for your kids to rest and play in. This delicate colour symbolises playfulness and tranquillity, making it the perfect shade for a kid’s bedroom. We can get hold of a variety of pink-shaded carpets. Create a delightful bedroom for your children to drift off to the land of nod.

Football theme
Got a football fan in your house? Then they’ll go crazy for this football-themed bedroom. Make your children’s football-inspired bedroom dreams come true with a whole range of children’s flooring for your pitch side fan.

Dinosaur theme
Create a roar-some dinosaur-themed bedroom for your little ones to enjoy. We’ve got plenty of products inspired by the Jurassic Age. Again, we have plenty to choose from for a child’s prehistoric bedroom.

Wild cat theme
This fantastic feline-inspired bedroom is ideal for lovers of wild cats. From leopard print to tiger stripes – create a wonderfully wild bedroom for your children to play and relax in. Speak to us today about our carpet range to suit this feline-inspired theme.


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