Can you have underfloor heating with carpet?


Find out whether this soft and comforting flooring solution works with underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating works well with a whole host of floor coverings and that does include carpet. It’s safe to say that while a plush, piled surface might not transfer the warmth from your system as effectively as a smooth, wooden or tiled surface would. It doesn’t mean you need to rule underfloor heating with carpet out.

Can you have underfloor heating with carpet?

Carpet works with both electric and water underfloor heating. It is however useful to consider how underfloor heating distributes heat when compared to a more conventional system, like radiators.

‘The latter causes air circulation throughout the room, moving dust and impurities around. Carpets often absorb dust. Underfloor heating heats objects rather than the air and doesn’t create that same circulating effect. The radiant warmth delivered by underfloor heating, therefore, is a great match for carpeted surfaces

Things to consider when choosing underfloor heating with a carpeted floor?

If the luxury of a warm-to-the-touch, carpeted floor tempts, there are a few key factors to bear in mind. Here, we explain what you need to know:-

1. Carpet backing

Lightweight materials like hessian and jute allow warmth from the underfloor heating system to transfer upwards through the surface of the carpet without any issues. Rubber backings on carpets are likely to absorb the heat and create problems with heat transfer. A felt backing may also impede the performance of your underfloor heating setup.

2. TOG ratings

When pairing carpet with underfloor heating, the TOG value is one of the most important factors to consider. TOG rating stands for Thermal Overall Grade and measures the thermal insulation of a product. A rule of thumb for flooring is no higher than 2.5 for a combined carpet and underlay to work efficiently with UFH. A carpet TOG rating of 1.5 would be good to aim towards.

3. Water-based systems

A hydronic underfloor heating system comprises a network of pipes laid beneath the surface of your floor. When turned on, warm water (30°C -35°C) is pumped through these conduits to warm the floor above. This type of system is perfectly compatible with carpet, though it’s always wise to follow your manufacturer’s installation guidelines and pay close attention to the TOG value to ensure the best efficiency.

4. Electric systems

Powered by your domestic electricity supply, electric underfloor heating comes in two main forms. The first comprises loose wires laid beneath the surface of your floor, the second is formed of cables that have been embedded into a mat. When either of these systems is switched on, the cables are heated by electricity.

For installation beneath a carpet, the Warmup Foil Heater is a good fit. This setup is designed specifically for floating floors, laid across large, regular-shaped zones. The super slim, fully earthed layer of aluminium foil doesn’t increase the overall floor level so it’s ideal for retrofit scenarios.

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