Bedroom carpet ideas to make your space extra cosy


We've rounded up all our favourite bedroom ideas that prove carpets are a stylish and cosy addition to your space.


Keep it simple and subtle

See, carpets can be just as subtle and stylish as your whitewashed floorboards, plus they provide cosiness and softness underfoot you don't get with hard floors. If you are unsure about embracing wall-to-wall carpet pick a neutral colour – whites, creams, light greys – they all add a calming feel and can be a backdrop for any colour scheme too. And isn't it just so luxurious to have pale carpets? Sinking your feet into pale cushioned flooring is so reminiscent of hotel rooms.


Add warmth to a cool-toned colour scheme

A black and white bedroom colour scheme is a classic, but this cool-toned combination does risk leaving a bedroom feeling cold and stark. An easy way to combat that, without interfering with the minimal palette too much, is to add a wall-to-wall carpet in a softer, neutral tone. A cream, or even beige, the carpet will add that hint of a pink tone to bring some warmth into the room and you can always enhance it by adding in a few cushions or soft furnishings in a similar colour.


Add a thick velvet carpet for extra softness underfoot

Plush sumptuous carpets, the ones your toes disappear into, are perfect for a bedroom. A chunky loop or a thick velvet-like pile adds an instantly luxurious feel to any space and again there's that hotel feel as you pad around your cushy floors.

In terms of colour, solid is best with thicker carpets. And you can't go wrong with an ever-popular neutral like grey. Given that the bedroom is our sanctuary, a calm space where we retreat for rest, recuperation and recovery, it’s no surprise that this soothing neutral hue is our go-to colour choice.


Mix and Match

So, for the other end of the spectrum, carpets are ideal if you are a lover of maximalist interiors. Why ignore the floor when you are layering up patterns? It can add just as much pattern and texture as wallpaper and is the perfect place to introduce a clashing print.

Statement flooring within bedrooms is being seen more and more, as the trend for teaming luxurious materials with vibrant hues increases in popularity. A deep, rich coloured carpet is the perfect way to inject a touch of character.


Turn your bedroom floor into art

We've all seen painterly rugs grace the floors and even the walls of stylish homes for years now and in the right setting these more statement, colourful designs can work just as well with fitted carpets. If you don't want a bold bedroom carpet to overwhelm the space, the key is to keep the rest of the room minimal and monochrome.


Choose a natural fibre carpet

Sisal carpets are about the only carpet material and style that has been acceptable in recent years. These on-trend natural fibre floorings look almost like large area rugs, adding just the right amount of texture and neutral tones for a room. They are simple, low-pile designs that are perfect for more minimalist or rustic bedrooms. And they are a practical choice too, perfect for high-traffic areas as they are hard wearing and stain-resistant.


Fake a carpet with a large area rug

So, you ripped up your bedroom carpet already and now you want back in on the trend. Or if you rent and want to cover up some inherited flooring. Area rugs are the way. Big rugs that go underneath all of your furniture and almost touch the sides of the room will create the look of wall-to-wall carpet without you having to commit to having it fitted. Add to the allusion by layering rugs on top of your larger rug just as you would a carpet.


Go bold with colourful zig zags

How fun is zig-zag carpeting? Sometimes going for something unexpected with your bedroom carpet can give a quirky edge to an otherwise quite classic scheme. See how this space feels classic and traditional with its grey walls, simple headboard, and layers of beautiful bed linen, and then there's that flash of zig-zag that feels out of place and yet totally works.


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